Our son is our HVAC technician.

The temperature never reached 72, but stayed around 65

When our sons were little, we used to tease them that when they grew up, they had to take up careers that would make their parent’s lives easier. Our youngest son wanted to be a doctor. One of our sons became an electrician, another son took up plumbing, and our oldest son decided he wanted to be an HVAC technician. Over the last several years, we have had the occasion when we needed to use almost every one of our sons skills. Neither my wife nor I felt comfortable asking our son, the doctor, to give us any health advice, because he was a pediatrician. The HVAC technician however, seems to be on speed dial. Poor Michael, every time there was the smallest noise in the furnace or in the air conditioner, his mom was calling him. When there was a lack of airflow, we called Michael. He was the first one to leave home and go out on his own, and the one that we saw the most. Sometimes, I think my wife trumped up problems with the HVAC system, just so she could call Michael. He was the only one of our sons who was married with children. Last month, my wife swore that the heating system wasn’t working properly. She told me that when she set the thermostat to 72, the furnace was running nonstop all day long. The temperature never reached 72, but stayed around 65. For the first time, my wife had a real reason for calling Michael. I think Michael thought it was just a way to get him to come over to the house. When he showed up, he had his tools, but he also brought his wife and our three grandchildren.


Heater technician