Radiant floors are a great idea

I have got to say, of all of the purchases I have made for our house, getting a radiant heated floor has got to be in the top 3, if not the best overall. I have purchased quite a few different things in an attempt to make our beach house worth more, & nicer to look at, but the radiant radiant floors have genuinely been the most beneficial for me, that’s for sure. I was kind of disappointed with our central gas furnace. I think I should not because it was getting old, but I also knew that installing a new one was out of the question. So I started looking online for some other ways to heat our beach house separate from spending a fortune. I came across things like mini split ductless air conditioner units, or space heaters, however even those were out of our price range. Then I stumbled across radiant heated flooring. Heated flooring is not only cheap however simple to install. I watched many videos on it first to make sure this was actually what I wanted, & afterwards I was still convinced it was. I had a Heating and Air Conditioning professional come out in the next couple of mornings, & it only took 2 hours to install the radiant floors & then the air conditioner contractor left. Ever since I have had those radiant floors installed, our house has been warmer than ever, & I can genuinely say it was money well spent. With our seasoned gas furnace laboring with the heated flooring, our house is the perfect temperature, & I am ecstatic.

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