Show me the way to go home.

Whenever there are any kind of large storms going through our area, you can be sure that there are going to be problems with heating or air conditioning.

Now that it is winter, being an HVAC technician, we dread whenever there is a winter storm coming.

Just the prediction of a winter storm has people calling to have their furnaces serviced or checked to make sure it didn’t need repairs. When the storm actually starts, inevitably there are repairs that become emergencies. There are never enough HVAC technicians to go out and do the repairs immediately, which can be a big problem. We tried to get to the elderly and families with young children first. Once we have them covered, we go to other houses. Our HVAC technicians are running nonstop for 24 to 48 hours. Being the owner of an HVAC company, I seldom go out and do repairs. However, when the storms are coming, I am out in the field right along with the other technicians. Last week, they were calling for a blizzard. I knew I was going to be out in the fields helping to repair furnaces. I did not expect to end up being out in the field working on my own heating system. My wife called and just put in an emergency call for service. Had she asked for me, I would’ve gone home to repair the furnace and possibly stayed home. Unfortunately, there were so many other repairs that had to be made that I repaired the heating system in my home, and headed out to the next family.

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