Sunroom needs heat and AC

When I was looking for a house to purchase I knew that I wanted a few basic amenities.

  • Namely, I was excited about having a lot of storage space, natural light, and the ability to spend time Outdoors right around my own property.

I was really looking forward to the privacy of having my own space with a large fenced-in backyard. I really wanted to be able to work as close to Nature as possible while also being very comfortable and connected to all of my modern amenities. That’s why I got extremely excited when I found a house on the market in my preferred neighborhood that had a large sunroom attached to the back of the home. I imagined sitting in the large, sunny space while I got all of my work done each day. What I didn’t imagine, unfortunately, was the lack of indoor air temperature control in the sunroom. I really did not think about how the uneven temperatures would affect my ability to get work done each day. When you are sweating through your shirt it gets very difficult to concentrate on the numbers. When you are shivering in your boots, you definitely cannot think straight to finish your progress reports. I decided that I needed to install some sort of indoor air quality control devices in order to utilize my sunroom. I decided to call out the local heating, cooling, and ventilation technician to ask about my options. He quickly helped me to select an indoor air quality control solution – a mini split ductless heating and cooling device. Now, I have heat or air conditioning any day of the week. I am working comfortably and I do not have to worry about losing productivity to changing temperatures.


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