Tile and grout cleaning in my stained bathroom

It looks white again.

When my husband and I bought our house I was a little disgusted with the bathrooms. The master bathroom and main bathroom had the exact same look. They had the same vinyl floor, ugly vanity, beige tile and stained grout. I decided to gut the master bathroom for something more attractive. I changed it to a penny floor, a marble top vanity and a glass shower enclosure. I look at my new bathroom. I didn’t want to pay to gut the second bathroom. I didn’t want it to look horrible in my house though. It was the ugly spot in the house. I started with a little paint. Painting the walls, ceiling and vanity was a good start. I even bought a new toilet, switch plates, lights and knobs for the vanity. It really did class it up a bit. The stained grout killed me though. I hated that none of my cleaners worked on it. I tried a white paint made for grout and it didn’t last. Online I started looking for solutions and that is how I found a cleaning company that does tile and grout cleaning. I wasn’t too optimistic. I thought the grout was beyond saving. I figured hiring out tile and grout cleaning near me was cheaper than doing a full bathroom remodel. I wasn’t expecting them to completely change the look of my bathroom! They actually got the white grout totally clean. It looks white again. The beige tile no longer looks dingy and has grey streaks in it. The shower shines and cleans up way nicer now. They even convinced me to do vinyl flooring restoration and that was worth it. My bathroom almost looks as good as my brand new one.
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