Was was attempting to customize the car right away

Until that time period, the vehicle graphics had to go back into the bag

Dad decided to give me a car when I graduated from high school, and I was happy. He told me that this was merely a temporary gift until the two of us could go out and do car shopping together. The first thing I wanted to do was make the car mine. I thought it would be relaxing to put some vehicle graphics on the car. I found these amazing graphics that made the car look sort of like it was staring at the car behind me. I purchased the vehicle graphics kit, thinking it should be no harder to do than the transfers we did as adolescents. I also purchased some pink polka dots to place on the doors. When I brought my package into the property, my father asked what in the world I was doing. I showed him the cool vehicle graphics but my father nixed it. He said there was no way he was going to permit me to put those horrid things on his car. I pouted and started to cry while saying that he gave me the car. He then reminded me that it was only temporary. He was going to take me car shopping in a short period of time. If I was actually looking to put those monstrosities on my current car, then it was pretty much up to me. Until that time period, the vehicle graphics had to go back into the bag. Although I sulked to some particular degree, I honestly understood what he was saying. In the meantime, I had my vehicle graphics tucked away in my room, and every night I pretty much promised them they would soon have a nice new home.

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