Getting duct cleaning and sealing for my home

For a long time, I didn’t realize how pressing duct cleaning and duct sealing is, and that wasn’t until I couldn’t bear the bad air quality in our home and called an heating, ventilation and A/C corporation to figure everything out, but I was actually told that there were a lot of things that I needed, but our duct system was the largest issue. The professional showed me how obstructed and dirty the duct system was. Then he ran a test on the air pressure with specialized tools, but he said the system seemed to have leaks inside and so he worked on and sure enough, he discovered a number of leaks. He asked me if our energy bills were extravagant, and yes they were, so I had the duct sealing done to close all the leaks and then the duct cleaning which improved the air quality a good deal; however, also the heating, ventilation and A/C system became so energy efficient. I mean even the noises were entirely different, then before everything was done, it always sounded as if the heating, ventilation and A/C system was struggling to a particular degree and now it was as if the system was running akin to a champ with zero struggling. This was also after he diagnosed an actual heating, ventilation and A/C tune-up for me. He was telling me that I should consider having our duct cleaning done at least every other year, because it’s pressing for the air quality and the functionality of the heating, ventilation and A/C system. He also was explaining how it’s an pressing energy saving tip. I told him I hoped he could give me more energy saving tips down the road too.

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