I didn’t want to see heating and cooling ads on my computer

I will have to confess that when it comes to searching for things online I am not tech savvy and I’m a bit reckless. This is how I ended up getting a laptop virus. I have an antivirus but the subscription expired as well as I decided to wait to renew it which means I was not protected in the least. I easily did not suppose that it was a huge deal, I mean what were the odds of me getting a virus? It entirely didn’t help that I chose to go as well as visit a bunch of questionable websites. All I knew was that after I had visited some of these websites my laptop started to slow down, but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst thing was I started having random pop ups on my desktop! Now I realize I never downloaded anything intentionally that would put ads on my laptop as well as I realized I must have a virus. I decided to call my sibling who is a laptop woman as well as entirely works as a laptop professional in a tech store. She told me that what I had was a type of adware. She further asked me to describe as well as I told her I keep getting all these advertisements for heating as well as a/c devices on my laptop. She asked me if I had browsed any websites of any heating AC device companies as well as I told her no. I further explained that I was more than glad with my heating as well as cooling device, as well as I even described my Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C products. Everything from the type of a/c I have, to the space heater, as well as I even mentioned the HEPA filter in the air purification device. Happily, I was able to get my sibling to come over as well as pull the virus from my laptop. She also helped me update my antivirus as well as get my subscription re-enabled, and now my laptop is back to normal functioning.

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