I still plan on getting regular HVAC tune ups

When I was telling my brother I was considering having a professional HVAC installation done at our home, he said I shouldn’t bother. I looked at him stunned and asked him what he meant, my brother started telling me that I didn’t necessarily need a professional. I was baffled, and he went on to say there are DIY HVAC systems on the market that homeowners can install themselves. I told my brother that if there were a program like that, I surely would have heard about it, then he pulled up some DIY HVAC systems on his phone and showed me. I couldn’t believe it until he showed me some installation videos and I was able to see that more than 2 homeowners were installing their own HVAC systems, and some people chose to hire electricians to help with the wiring hookups, but the rest wasn’t so hard it seemed. I ended up deciding to do this because I realized how much money I would save. I already had a few quotes and I realized I would save thousands of dollars, so why not go for the savings? Of course I would still program on getting common HVAC program tune-ups. If there were something important like refrigerant leaks, I would absolutely call the HVAC for those chances as well even though I wasn’t planning on experiencing a bad situation like that, then of course, you never entirely guess what can go wrong when it comes to your HVAC system.
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