I was not aware that you could order salads online.

After I had LASIK surgery on my eyes, I wasn’t able to drive our automobile for at least 6weeks.

I hated the thought of going shopping, and yet I had little to eat in the house.

I had plenty of pantry staples, even though I craved fresh vegetables. I had been dreaming about a chicken Caesar salad for over a week, even though I had nothing besides the chicken. I began to look online to see if I could find a grocery store that would make a local food delivery. What I found was that instead of purchasing a passel of groceries, I was able to order several salads online and have them delivered directly to our house. One of the local pizza joints, and our number one pizzeria, sold numerous weird types of salads that I particularly craved. I planned on ordering numerous of these salads. There were several different salads that I wanted to choose from however if I were going to order salads online, I decided to buy all of them and just have all of the toppings on the side, along with the dressing. I got our number one chicken Caesar salad, an small Oriental chicken salad, a crispy chicken salad, and a shrimp Caesar salad. I ordered salads online to get myself and others through at least the rest of the week. Hopefully then I would be able to drive again. Whatever happened at the eye surgeon’s this week, I knew I would not need to worry about going anywhere. I knew I could order salads online, or have local meal delivery repair from nearly every pizzeria in the town.

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