Installed another ductless mini split to cover the remaining zones of the home

Last Springtime season, I decided to install a ductless mini split at our home! The ductless mini split was awesome in the summer, however truthfully I did want more zones in the household, however originally, I wanted to have the master bedroom set up with its own zone.

The people I was with and I ended up installing zones in the bedroom, the kitchen, as well as the dining area.

This worked out alright as well as the temperature control was alright throughout the lake house so long as the doors would remain open, then i finally was able to find a quad zone Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C plan that I could install as well as cover the rest of the zones I wanted covering all the bedrooms. This way, all the children would have their own customized temperature control as well as we would be extra comfortable in our master bedroom as well; So I went for the replacement as well as it went pretty well. I had already done this type of replacement before, so it was a breeze for me. I l earned a few vital lessons too, like make sure to have plenty of batteries charged with your power drills! Last time, I kept drilling through our cinder block walls with a hole saw, however our batteries would die after so much work, as well as I would have to wait until the following day to get back to labor with the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C install. This time, I didn’t have to take long breaks in between as well as I finished it all in 3 nights. It took that long because I was installing even more zones than before, so there was a immense amount of work. It was a beautiful thing when the replacement was completed though as well as the youngsters are so excited to have their own temperature controls.

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