Poor indoor air quality when the A/C quit on us

My wife and I were pretty excited when both of us got to start our own ice cream shop.

We were both sugar junkies and both of us easily loved ice cream.

We had both been discussing starting her own company for years however both of us were never exactly sure what both of us should try to sell. We had several weird things that both of us enjoyed, that was until a single day she came up with a great idea. She suggested that both of us open an ice cream shop since both of us both enjoy ice cream so much. We could make some awesome currency selling our ice cream and have a little bit of the product left over to prefer ourselves. I honestly love the idea and afterwards I got to work setting up all the necessary work for the business. Eventually, both of us were able to rent a store downtown and open our little ice cream shop. We were doing amazing and it was a success instantaneously! The only complication was the commercial a/c device. As you might imagine, it is pressing that the commercial A/C device in the store be kept as freezing as possible to ensure that the ice cream doesn’t end up melting. A single day when both of us made the choice to go to open the store as usual both of us discovered that while in the evening the A/C device had stopped toiling and all of our ice cream had melted. It was a terrible situation. Worse, as a result the indoor air quality was completely horrid. We got into contact with the heating and A/C device company instantaneously so they could come out and then repair our business. Thankfully everything went well with the cooling device specialist and both of us were able to open our doors again that Sunday.



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