Really enjoyed my latest trolley tour with perfect HVAC comfort

I’ve been on some very comfortable trolley tours in my time. I love going on old trolleys, especially ones that have been operating for practically a century. It’s so amazing they are able to keep these trolleys running for so long, but they keep them going alright. Something that is important to me is having good climate control when I go on a trolley tour. I don’t like to feel hot and sweaty or too cold in the frosty weather. These trolleys have different styles of heating and cooling systems, but I think the most comfortable one I had ever been on was hooked up with solar panels along with a ductless mini split system. The solar panels worked to keep power to the ductless mini split system. Since the ductless mini split is totally energy efficient, the solar panel provides enough energy to keep the cooling system running. It’s a heat pump basically so the AC is really the HVAC system pushing all the heat out of the trolley which is a very effective form of cooling which is super energy efficient. The guy who was doing the trolley tour spoke with a lot of pride about that HVAC equipment saying how it was his idea along with a couple of good buddies. They wanted to be able to do these trolley tours with perfect comfort and he said they had all of their trolleys hooked up with new ductless mini splits which will last a good 20 years if they are taken care of properly. It was just so nice seeing all the different sites and enjoying the perfect climate control in comfortable seats.