The ice cream melted when the A/C stopped

My fiance as well as I were especially happy when we were able to start our own ice cream shop.

The two of us happened to be sugar junkies as well as we enjoyed ice cream.

The two of us had both been discussing starting her own company for a long time but we were never certain what we should try to sell. We had numerous unusual things that we appreciated, that was until one morning she came up with a fantastic idea… She suggested that we try opening an ice cream store since we both love ice cream a great deal. We actually could make some fantastic currency selling our ice cream as well as have a little bit of the product left over to savor ourselves on top of everything. I love the plan as well as afterwards I got to work setting up all the items for the business. In time, we were able to rent a store downtown as well as open our little ice cream shop finally. We easily were doing fantastic as well as it was a success in no time! The only real issue was the commercial air conditioner equipment! As you might imagine, it is honestly pressing that the commercial A/C equipment in the store be kept as frigid as possible to ensure that the ice cream is not melting. One morning when we ventured over to open the store we discovered that during the evening the A/C equipment had stopped working as well as all of our ice cream had melted altogether. It was the worst situation. Worse, as a result the indoor air quality was horrid. We called the heating as well as A/C company right away so they could come out as well as then service our business. Fortunately, everything went well with the cooling equipment specialist as well as every one of us were able to open our doors again that Thursday.

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