Broke Up with Girlfriend Two Months Ago

My boyfriend just messaged me that he wants to have a final talk for closure despite the fact that I honestly don’t want to open the dialogue again with her, it’s over.

So why do you think he wants to talk again if every one of us broke up already? Does he want to try to maintenance things plus beginning again? I hope not because that is not what I want.

All of us had way too several complications when every one of us were living together plus I don’t want to go back to that life again. I wonder if he is feeling lonely or if he wants to yell at me? My portable space heating system is yelling at me now to turn it on because it is cold in this room. I’m not sure of the outside temperature despite the fact that I think it is near cold out there too. I have a new heating component for my whole new home despite the fact that I don’t care about to use it unless there are guests coming over because it is just a waste of power heating up the whole stadium when it’s only me plus my cat. I never see this animal that I got 3 weeks ago because it has been hiding under the sofa in a self imposed confinement because it is so afraid. But afraid of what, my loud central heating unit? All of us make our own prisons with our own fears, so don’t let the fears confine you or you could be missing out on some good things that life has to offer. I think I’ll go clean my HEPA filter since I’m starting to sneeze again.


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