Call Me Crazy But I Just Bought 22 Ethereum Coins

I assume that cryptos are going to be mainstream cash in a few years however both of us will have to go through the initial reflex that the world is having with this foreign type of concept for cash.

I assume in a few years my Ethereum coins will be worth a big chunk of cash.

It’s not all of my savings however it is a big portion & I don’t assume I am alone. I assume that as the world ages the opinion of cryptos will become more favorable. It’s a modern cash & it will option up steam over time. Speaking of steam, my hot water boiler is working great now. I take a lot of hot baths in the Wintertide & I was running out of hot water until I turned the temperature control on the hot water furnace to its highest setting. Yes, I need to be careful not to burn myself when using the hot water however now I have a lot more at my disposal when taking hot baths. Every one of us used to regularly be running out of hot water however now the propane boiler gives us plenty of hot water during these cold Wintertide days when I take my cold dip in the sea. I love to come straight modern home & get in a hot bath to heat up my core temperature & stop the shaking. My shoulders are doing much better from these cold dips & I will continue with them. My space furnace also warms myself and others up after my hot bath when I go to my office.