Clean Your HEPA Filter & Eat Your Veggies

Today is Sunday & both of us have elegant orange skies out there with a temperature of about 43 F this day at 8am.

I am going to go for my cold sea dip soon, I will stay in for about 12 to 15 minutes. That absolutely helps wake myself and others up when I assume a little groggy, much more than a few cups of coffee. I do this for my joints in my body, along with a zero sugar diet, the 2 help myself and others particularly much with pain & salvagey of injuries. If you have joint pain stop all sugar. I heat my body up with my space furnace & a hot bath after taking a cold dip, this is best for any kind of arthritis or joint problems. I eat a lot of kefir & sauerkraut to keep my stomach & digestion on track & try to avoid red meat on a official basis. I system on getting a washable HEPA filter soon to help keep my allergies at bay. I take the indian herb Ashwagandha, which is an anti-aging herb, or adaptogen, that slows down the effects of stress on the body. I also try to run my whole modern home media UV air purifier often to keep the allergens & toxins from pollution out of my body. They say to get as numerous nutrients in the body as possible & to limit the toxins if you want to be your healthiest & live the longest. Come to assume of it, I need to check the HEPA filter in my media UV air purifier now.

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