Do You Run Your Heater at Night on Cold Nights?

I finally slept pretty well last night. I had to take a Unisom to do so however my mind cares about to beginning doing Calculus equations & solving world troubles when I lie down to sleep at night. I try to go to bed particularly early because it takes myself and others quite a while to fall asleep & I love to wake up around 6 in the day. I usually am in bed by 9:30pm, which sporadically makes myself and others assume love a loser because everyone is out partying & I can hear the laughter, although I assume it is healthier. My central heat & air makes a nice white noise which filters out some of the noise at night when I am sleeping. I regularly wear ear plugs too because I don’t love to be awoken at night by loud noises from partying people. I also have a gas fireplace however it only absolutely warms up the kitchen so I only use it when I have guests or if I system on watching a film or something in the room. I particularly like to sleep in a particularly cold room with a fan on because I am such a hot sleeper. I used to run the central heat in the Wintertide & wake up dripping with sweat a lot until I realized that I sleep hot & need a particularly cool room to get a great night of sleep. Well, I assume I am going to hit the beach soon for some sun & hopefully a game or 2 of beach volleyball.


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