Doing some pipe cleaning today

I was playing frisbee on the beach not too long ago.

I am feeling wonderful about our body today.

I stopped playing for a few weeks as our shoulders were telling me I needed a rest. I’ve been playing competitively for almost five years and sometimes the body needs a little rest now as well as then. At least it’s Winter now as well as there aren’t a lot of matches going on. I need to get an MRI of each shoulder next week as well as decide if therapy or surgery is the solution, hopefully not the latter. I am going to try a natural fix. I will do some pipe cleaning today in our home because our drains in our bathtub as well as sink in the bathroom are getting honestly slow. I like to take it apart myself instead of using chemicals to wash out the clogs. Sometimes there is just a lot of soap scum in the pipes as well as the plumbing corporation told me it’s best to try as well as scrub the trap first instead of pouring deadly chemicals into your sink I suppose that those chemicals go out into nature at some point so I am trying to keep the pollution to a minimum and do our part to help restore the earth. I’ve done drain line repairs numerous times so it is pretty simple for me to do. There is a plumbing service near me as well and I will use them if I can’t solve it myself so I typically have them as a backup plan as well as they have fine labor prices here in our town.


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