Finally getting instruction on working out

My friend Rachel is a big proponent of fitness training. She does one on one personal training four days a week. She also does a group fitness class too. She pushed and pushed, and now I am hooked on personal training. I figured I was doing a good job working out. I looked good and felt healthy. The fitness trainer does give me new workouts to keep things fresh. The reason I go is for instruction though. I never realized how many things I was doing wrong. The fitness instructor fixed the way I run. Apparently I had very short strides and that’s why I wasn’t fast. He worked on me to run from hip to toe rather than knee to toe. He changed my posture and my breathing as well. I never could jump rope longer than a minute. Now I can do almost ten minutes with the rope. The fitness instructor told me that I jump way too high in the air and move the rope too slow. With a bit of tweaking, I am now a master jumper. He has helped me feel more confident on a bike, lift free weights comfortably and do ab workouts the right way. The instruction aspect alone is the reason I go. I am actually learning how to properly work out. It makes sense. Everything in life needs to be taught and there are experts. With working out I just one day decided to give it a go. I feel much better about what I do now.


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