Glad to Have Central Heat on This Frigid Morning

I was just at the beach for my 9am swim plus ran into my friends who were still up from the night before plus still drinking, haha too funny.

I noticed some people dressed in clubbing clothes plus holding drinks this afternoon plus knew they pulled an all-nighter.

One of them was my rapper friend who I think from performing shows plus whatnot. They are in their early 20s doing the same thing I did 30 years ago. It made me laugh. I told them I care about to get my thrills now for free care about a cold afternoon swim. My central heat was cranking when I got back lake new home from the swim plus I am so grateful for it. I used to not have any heat in my aged flat plus I spent most of the time trying to stay moderate in that stadium. I pay more money now for rent but have a much newer flat with central heat plus air plus that makes all the difference in the world! I don’t mind paying more if I am earning more because it is worth it to live in a stress free stadium that is both clean plus quiet. I may get a roommate in a few months because my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C specialist friend is planning to move to this town soon. My bills will be a lot lower if I had a roommate despite the fact that I am not totally sold on having a single unless it is the right man. I’m sure he can provide me a good a/c tune up if he moves in here.
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