I have the space for it

I got a good deal on a plot of land in the city.

It is the perfect spot for a restaurant, however the previous building burned down.

There was nothing but a smooth surface. I then decided that I would build a brand new building. Well that turned out to be way too much dough. I knew I needed something that had power, water in addition to Heating plus A/C. Finding an affordable solution wasn’t simple. A buddy of mine does a ton of festivals for her restaurant. Instead of getting a food truck she rents out a shipping container and has a modular kitchen. She advocated that I do a shipping basket restaurant for the time being. I went on my computer and set up the space with the help of a consultant. I have a kitchen with a stove, sink in addition to plenty of prep area. There is a counter section to order and sit. There is plenty of room for a few people to sit indoors in addition to there will be tons of outdoor seating. I even have windows in addition to a door that locks. The Heating plus A/C method provides both heating in addition to cooling through a heat pump. The cost of the shipping basket was peanuts compared to buying a constructed building. I have seen the mock up in addition to it doesn’t look like much. It looks like a gray box. Hopefully I will still attract buyers and eventually be able to afford a constructed building. For right now I am happy that I will at least get to use our lay of land. It was nice that this plan is a turnkey solution.

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