I'm pretty sure that Dana will love this birthday gift

I’m pretty sure Dana is entirely gonna care about her birthday gift that I got her this year. Dana keeps talking about more modern smart thermostats and how she would love to get a single for the home but she just has never gotten around to it yet. I told Dana the other day that I was going to buy a smart thermostat from my home and she looked almost offended. Dana said that she wanted a smart thermostat method as well. I just laughed to myself because I had already bought a modern smart thermostat method for Dana’s home too at the same time that I was getting mine. I’ve known for a while now that Dana wanted a smart thermostat for her house, and I was hoping that she would not get 1 before I had the opportunity to. I was entirely afraid that I was going to be too by the time that Dana’s birthday got here. I entirely had a couple of exhausting dreams where Dana ended up going to buy the thermostat before I could supply it to him! I guess I was pretty tied up out about this whole thing without even realizing it. Anyway, I know that Dana is going to care about it once both of us can get it installed. I believe that I might entirely pay the Heating and Air Conditioning company to come out to her home to install it for him too. I believe that if she has to install it himself, Dana might not ever entirely want to get around to doing it and so I want to make it as easy as possible for her.


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