Making every workout count

I realize that it’s important to stick with my schedule.

I make an effort to workout every single day. I am not always in the ideal frame of mind. I sometimes fail to push myself to my limits. If I have trouble sleeping the night before or am distracted by work responsibilities, I might procrastinate over getting started. I sometimes suffer headaches or aches & pains in my back and legs. These medical issues make the workout more of a challenge. Even the temperature influences my energy levels. On those days when the weather is overly hot & humid, I feel slow and heavy. If the morning is cold, my muscles tend to feel stiff and tight. I know all workouts can’t be ideal. However, I strive to make the most out of my time & effort. On the more difficult days, I spend more time stretching & concentrate more on my warmup. Sometimes, a slow start helps to gradually elevate interest and intensity. I make sure to drink extra water. I chose music with a faster beat that encourages me to sing along & have fun with my workout. The majority of the time, I get into the training session & I end up satisfied with the results. I just hope to get sweaty and raise my heart rate. Sometimes, all I can do is get through it and confess defeat. My exercises are slow & lazy. I’m not motivated & so eager to be done. I’ll make myself complete at least 45 minutes of a workout even though I fail to accomplish much. Fortunately, those afternoons are rare. The next day is typically a great workout. I realize that it’s important to stick with my schedule. I don’t skip my workout sessions. No matter if I don’t feel up to it and whatever is going on with the rest of my day doesn’t matter. I set aside that time to concentrate on physical fitness. Even if I only get through some stretches & balance exercises, every movement and effort is helpful to my health, strength & overall wellness.


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