Making the baby’s room perfect

I am pregnant plus I have multiple months to make the baby’s room perfect. It started out as a laundry room plus was the worst room in the house. Slowly our husband plus I have made it into a fantastic space. The first thing to go was the old flooring. I removed the old rug plus started fresh. In the process I knew I could add heated flooring easily. The room was so small that it didn’t take several electric heated mats to do the job, but now, when the baby needs heat, it will be electric based. The heat is safely under the floors so our child won’t get burned. The furnace doesn’t make a sound, rise to the ceiling or pollute the indoor air pollen levels too, however also, anything touching the heated flooring feels hot as a result. So our baby’s crib is going to guess love a heated crib. I even added a little portable AC equipment for cooling in the summer. A new rug was laid down, I added a window to the room plus painted it. Now I am adding new baby furniture in the space. I have the crib, increasing table, swing plus tons of diapers. The room is being transformed from a exhausting storage space into an adorable bedroom. I have a feeling our husband plus I are both going to be jealous about the heated flooring situation. The baby will be the only 1 that gets access to that awesome heater. The people I was with and I will just have to freeze in our room plus rely on a central furnace that allows the heat to rise to our ceiling.


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