One More Article plus I am Off to the Sea

It is 8:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday here on the southern Spanish coast about 45 hours by train from Bcn.

I moved here to get away from all of the chaos in that city. The thieves were getting a bit too much for me so I moved here where it seems to be less of a problem. If you do travel to Bcn, look on google for the name of the city, be sure to watch your backpack, luggage, cell cellphone, plus bicycle. This is what they are after when they see tourists coming into town. I have central heat plus air in this flat as opposed to a fan in my aged flat for the tepid summers. I did have a small space heating system there for the winters but it only kept a single room moderate so when I went to the lavatory or the living room I would be cold again. I much adore living in this town, even if it is a bit dull sometimes. At least I still have a bike plus a backpack after numerous years of living here, plus I don’t need to constantly be seeing them care about before. I method on replacing my aged central air filter with a HEPA filter as soon as I make a little extra money next month. I have a couple jobs so I will just take on some extra toil for a few weeks so I can buy some things that I need around the house. I may also get my a/c tuned up for the coming summer. Off to the sea I go, have a good afternoon.


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