Running is an awesome workout

I’ve always prioritized my health.

I’ve been conscientious about eating healthy & staying away from empty calories.

Since high school, I’ve started my mornings with a 60 minute workout. As I’ve grown older, I’ve had to become more focused on my nutrition & physical activity. My metabolism has definitely slowed down over the years. This has made it more of a challenge to maintain my preferred weight. My normal workout typically includes a warm up, stretching, around twenty-five minutes of cardio, a bit of weight lifting, sit ups, lunges & a cool down. My muscles got used to the same style of training every day. I realized that I needed to add something more strenuous to my workouts. I began running for exercise several days per week. I invested into a decent pair of athletic shoes & clothing designed to combat the weather. Confident that I was in peak physical condition, I assumed I’d have no trouble taking on a long run. I was shocked & frustrated when I started breathing hard & needed to slow to a walk after only a single mile. I have worked to build up my endurance so I can now manage a six or eight-mile run. I’m trying to increase my speed. I’ve noticed the benefits of introducing long runs into my weekly fitness regiment. I’ve trimmed down while increasing muscle tone. I also appreciate that these outdoor runs are an ideal way to get rid of stress & improve my overall outlook. I am more productive, feel strong and am in a better frame of mind after a run. If it wasn’t for the importance of resting my joints & muscles, I’d run every morning.

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