The Cooling plus Heating Company is Running a Sale

What will I do today? I am going to play drums plus sing some later this day with my acquaintance Danny by the beach.

The people I was with and I do well together plus have fun so the people I was with and I try to get-together plus play a couple times a week.

I play the djembe plus he plays the guitar plus the people I was with and I both sing. I just bought a current sound method for us plus it will arrive in a few nights. Now the people I was with and I will each have a mic so the show is going to get even better. Maybe I can just sing plus live off of the currency. My electric heating method seems like it is losing efficiency so I may need to get someone out here to look at it. I think the store down the street is closing soon so I better supply them a call tomorrow as they are having sales on just about everything in the store. My acquaintance does Heating plus A/C maintenance so I could also supply him a call however it seems like every time I try to get ahold of him he is too busy to reply. Another option would be for me to try plus maintenance the unit myself however it has been such a long time that I don’t think if I am up for the challenge. I think it is just better to get a residential Heating plus A/C business to come out plus look at the heating unit instead of me wasting a lot of time on it. I think the sale they are having also covers maintenance calls.


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