The Cryptos Took a Bloodbath This Weekend

As of this writing my cryptos are down $8710 because of a sizable selloff with Bitcoin this weekend.

I’m honestly not too nervous about it though because I have backup money in the bank that could last me a couple years plus cryptos consistently go up plus down throughout the year.

Right now they are very low plus hopefully ready for a bounce in the up direction soon. If they dive even lower after that I may buy another $5000 plus hope for the best. If they crash plus never return, well after that I would sit to lose about $35K. My thermostat is in need of maintenance or updatement, so hopefully the cryptos don’t crash plus I’ll have some money for lake new home repairs. Like I said, I didn’t put all of my eggs in the crypto tote but quite a few. I would care about to get an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C maintenance method so I don’t have to dig into my pocket each time I need a maintenance or tune up of my system. I could particularly do the toil myself since I have a lot of experience working on them despite the fact that I would rather just have a pro come in plus do the job for me. My friend is a certified Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C repairman plus he told me he may have some time in the coming months to help me out with my system. I told him I would provide him some free yoga lessons if he did help me out. I think my furnace is on its last leg so hopefully he helps me soon.


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