The Heating and A/C industry is regularly decreasing and I want to be on top

I own a heating and A/C repair company and I have been open for a number of years, then every year another company opened up and I have to find a way to compete for patrons and patrons.

Each year it seems harder and harder to keep the company running, then the cost of supplies goes up with each year that passes and the cost for labor increases as well. Technology is regularly decreasing too and it is absolutely important to stay on top of the current trends and upgrades. Each year I attend a week-long conference that details all of the current Heating and A/C technology, however i have l earned a lot of important information about geothermal technology, solar heating and cooling, and smart automation systems by attending these conferences and seminars with our peers. I could not attend the conference this year, so I decided to send 1 of our full-time repair companys. Jack was glad for the chance to get out of town for a couple of nights, especially after she l earned that the Heating and A/C company would pay for all of her expenses. Jack was gone for the week and she came back with a renewed sense of responsibility to the dealer… She wanted to tell everyone about the information that she l earned and she was excited about labor for the first time in a while. Now that I realize how helpful these conferences can be for our employees, I am going to try to send a current lady each time 1 is available. It sincerely didn’t cost the business much cash to send 1 of our employees and all of the fees were tax deductible.

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