The Heating and Air Conditioning unit arrived on Monday, however the install was Monday

Just a small number of weeks ago, I had an appointment with a buyer that was interested in upgrading the AC in their study to a ductless machine.

  • The buyer was excited to get the labor done as soon as possible.

The replacement was tied up for Monday afternoon at 8 a.m. I ordered the machine necessary for the job and everything was supposed to arrive on Wednesday. When the shipment did not contain the ductless AC equipment, I got frustrated and called the distributor. I found out that the item was on backorder. The parks had not come from the main warehouse and could not be delivered from the distributor until they we’re back in stock. The new machine parts were set to arrive on Monday, then unluckyly, the replacement job was tied up for Monday. I had to call the buyer and give the guy exhausting news. I did not guess how he would react. Some clients get frustrated and cancel the job altogether when they can’t have things done their way. The buyer did not seem entirely frustrated by the news. In fact, he was excited to reschedule for the next afternoon so I could be particular to gain the items before the afternoon they were due to be installed. I patiently waited on the afternoon the parts were supposed to arrive, even though I have to say that I was more concerned than I have been in a long time. I entirely did not want to lose out on the Heating and Air Conditioning contracting job, just because the machine was taking extra time to arrive.


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