The weatherman said it was going to be hot

It was absolutely hot and humid.

The weather forecast on Tuesday was un-even temperatures around 95 degrees with a UV index at 10 and humidity at 98%. Still, the university decided to take the 5th grade class on a field trip. I was hoping they would cancel the trip, because I was stressed to be a chaperone. I didn’t want to spend any area of our afternoon outside in those tepid and humid un-even temperatures. My child wanted me to go on the field trip, so I could not say no. They loaded all of the students and teachers onto three separate buses. They were packed with kids and adults. I sat in a seat with another adult and the many of us were hip-to-hip. There was no room for anything else in that bus seat. There was no A/C in the bus, and every one of us rode most of the way with the windows all the way down. None of kids complained about the air, although I wasn’t going to put up our window. One of the parents sitting across the aisle from me decided to close their window. I reminded the lady that there was no A/C and the bus. The lady shrugged her shoulders. Closing 1 window made a lot of difference in the air. It was absolutely hot and humid. I was starting to go ridiculous and I thought I was going to lose our cool. By the time every one of us got back to the university, I was ready to put the air on full blast and lay in our car. The two of us didn’t leave the parking lot until I cooled down the car to a comfortable and chilly temperature. That was 1 of the worst and most uncomfortable bus rides I have ever had to endure.