Things to do before our trip

Before the baby comes our hubby plus I want to take a trip.

The two of us are looking at tropical endpoints since it is chilly in our area right now… Everyday I bundle up in pants plus a sweatshirt.

I freeze in our work out room even with the space gas furnace going. Our current home gas furnace consistently is working at maximum capacity. The two of us haven’t been outside in weeks. It would be nice to be on a tropical island with sand, water plus heat. It would be nice to be a little too hot for once. I also would like to focus on AC rather than heating for once. I want to kneel on the beach plus get a tan. I want to swim in the ocean, walk the streets plus just kick back plus relax. The two of us are just trying to find the right morning to go. Another issue is getting the cabin ready to leave. I need to get our mother on board to watch our cat while I am gone. I need to hire someone to water our plants plus make sure our lights change per morning. I need to change the date of water delivery, get someone to grab our mail plus I want to buy a smart thermostat. I don’t like leaving our cabin while I was in the chilly Winter time plus not knowing what is going on. What if our gas furnace turns up plus dies? Not only will our cat be cold, however our mother will be stuck with a heating repair. I want a smart thermostat so I can change the temperatures from our holiday. I can adjust with the weather adn I can be alerted on any heating repair early.


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