Three gentlemen got sick last Tuesday on a busy labor afternoon

One of the busiest nights while in the week is Tuesday.

Even though every one of us are open for company on Tuesdays, it does seem prefer Tuesday is often the busiest afternoon of the week.

Last Tuesday I had 17 tasks on the schedule, including many repairs, many insulation tasks, and a handful of tune-ups. I had many gentlemen stressed to labor in the Heating and A/C repair shop that afternoon. Before 9 am, three of our best employees called in sick. The previous night, all of the employees went out together to celebrate someone’s birthday. Three of the gentlemen that ate tacos from the restaurant got sick. One of them had gone to the emergency room and was presumed to have food poisoning. The other many gentlemen were at apartment and in miserable shape. I could not say much to the employees, because they are regularly absolutely trustworthy and dependable. If they were sick, I trust that they entirely cannot come to work. I have seen these gentlemen labor with a headache, sore throat, cough, and they still labor hard to complete all of the tasks on the daily schedule. It hurt not having the three gentlemen to help us out that afternoon, however the other employees worked hard to option up the slack. The two of us all had to labor a couple of extra fourths, although I was proud of the way that our team pulled together to get all of the labor completed. The two of us managed to complete every 1 of the Heating and A/C repair and installation tasks and everyone had the next many nights off at apartment with their family.


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