VR workouts aren’t ideal

My husband sporadically works out.

He will get gung ho for around two weeks and then stop.

Nothing can keep him motivated. I have tried scheduling bike rides for us a few days a week. He eventually doesn’t want to go anymore. I scheduled karate lessons and he got out of the habit when the trainer took a vacation. A gym membership only lasts a short amount of time since he doesn’t like leaving the house. Personal training was a lot of money for very little effort on his part. His newest thing is VR workouts. The way of the future is virtual reality. My husband wears this dumb headset and has two white paddles that he holds. He can play video games or do workouts in his headset. The workouts seem to be pretty intense. My husband likes to do a boxing one where he dips into a squat and then throws punches. I have seen him do jumps before too. I feel there are limitations to the headset though. He can’t exactly run, push up or do any weight training. He can get a little bit of cardio in and that is it. So I don’t like that as his only workout. My husband also gets a bit sick after being in the headset since his balance is all off. However, it is nice that he is at least doing something physical. It won’t last but for now he gets outside and moves around a bit. Perhaps there are non virtual reality games that are fitness oriented for him.


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