Adding central A/C

Because of the weather in my local area, central A/C isn’t essential; We operate the oil furnace for more than half the year.

We deal with long weeks of below-cold temperatures plus constant snowfall; After spending a small luck on the heating bills, it’s constantly a relief to lower the temperature control plus open the windows! I was pleased with box fans plus window air conditioners for the brief summer time season.

It wasn’t until my child was ran tests on with serious asthma plus dust irritations that I began looking into central cooling; Having open windows welcomed in pollen, dust, fumes, bugs plus all sorts of allergens; She was struggling to breathe plus dealing with congestion, sore throat, itchy eyeah, headaches plus constant sneezing plus coughing. We needed to improve our air quality for the sake of his health plus quality of life! The replacement of a central air conditioner wasn’t overly extravagant because the air duct was already in arena for the oil furnace. I spent extra on a high-efficiency cooling component to keep our running costs low. Having the air conditioner running keeps the house perfectly cool plus comfortable. The system circulates the air plus filters out contaminants, improving the cleanliness of the living space. It helps to prevent troubles that are caused by high humidity, such as mold growth, bacterial growth plus higher dust mite population. Since adding the air conditioner, my whole family sleeps better at night plus enjoys more energy plus greater productivity while in the day. The cooling system has made a sizable difference in my daughter’s annually interest levels, health plus happiness.

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