Decided to trade gas heating systems with our neighbors

When the people I was with and I met our neighbors, the people I was with and I were glad that they were such nice people who were down to earth.

All of us talked about all kinds of things including our number one football teams & what type of foods the people I was with and I enjoyed eating.

All of us l received there were a couple of nice bars & restaurants with excellent food, drinks, athletic interests, & ideal temperature control settings. When the people I was with and I started talking about Heating & Air Conditioning, I mentioned how it was nice that our house had a current gas gas furnace, despite the fact that I was looking to replace to an electric gas furnace. I was anxious about rising prices for natural gas & I wanted to hook up an electric gas furnace to a solar panel system to help mitigate the costs for heating. Well, I was surprised when our neighbors said they were using an electric gas furnace, but they actually wanted to switch over to gas. When the people I was with and I realized the people I was with and I had what each other wanted, the people I was with and I talked about trading our gas furnaces. All of us had some Heating & Air Conditioning professionals come out & see what was needed to swap the systems. They were able to do this expertly & safely & it was amazing how well they did. The cost for this project was a reasonable amount & they were able to get everything completed in a few hours. It was impressive work to say the least & now I just need to worry about getting the solar panels hooked up. I just want to make sure I am able to do this before the Winter time arrives, I don’t want our energy costs to go through the roof or anything.

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