Hoping to increase energy efficiency

Living in the northeastern part of the country, temperature control is a consideration just about all year round.

  • We normally start up the furnace by the end of September and rely on it until the end of April.

By the end of May, the heat and humidity require the operation of the air conditioner. I have figured it out and the cost of heating and cooling adds up to approximately 50% of our household energy consumption. Because of this, I am constantly searching for new opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce the expense of my utility bills. I make sure to replace the air filters in the furnace and air conditioner every month. The filters work to protect the inner workings of the system from dust and other debris that would otherwise restrict airflow and diminish efficiency. I also schedule professional maintenance from a licensed HVAC contractor for the furnace in the fall and for the air conditioner in the spring. The technician completes thorough inspection, system cleaning, testing and adjustment. He checks refrigerant levels, verifies the safety of the heat exchangers, lubricates moving parts, tightens electrical connections and makes sure all components are working at peak capacity. Any worn or broken parts are replaced. This service not only optimizes the performance of the heating and cooling equipment but fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty requirements. If there is a malfunction, I know that it will be covered under warranty. To tighten up the home’s thermal envelope, I have replaced windows and exterior doors, caulked and weatherstripped. I installed ceiling fans to help push the heat toward the floor in the winter and encourage it up and out during the summer.


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