I questioned my boss why the indoor air in the office was so poor

I had to physically show him what I was speaking of and it wasn’t very difficult.

I remember asking my boss a little while back why the air quality was so terrible in the office space, but what he said surprised me, it was the fact that the energy bills were a little too expensive in the office space, he said because those expenses to use the heating and a/c were so expensive, he couldn’t afford to get heating and a/c repair and air filter changes, then I learned that we were using cheap air filters and the ductwork wasn’t cleaned for ages. I had to point out some things that I thought should be common sense, however apparently the boss didn’t have any common sense. I told him that by getting regular heating and a/c repair, you can make sure that the heating and a/c proposal is running most efficiently. I explained also that if the ductwork was clogged up badly, the air quality naturally would be terrible and the unit couldn’t function efficiently with severe blockages in the ductwork. I had to physically show him what I was speaking of and it wasn’t very difficult. I showed him that in one of the heating and a/c vents the two of us looked at, it was very dirty and blocked up. I said there was no way the energy bills would ever be lower if he didn’t do something to repair this problem. I must have gotten through to him because before I knew it, there were heating and a/c professionals cleaning the ductwork and they were installing a new HEPA filter. It didn’t take long for the air quality to improve and the boss was happy because the energy bills were much lower after the heating and a/c repair was completed.
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