It was easy to fix

I didn’t know I had it in me to be such a handyman.

When my portable space heater broke last week I was almost ready to just throw it out and go buy a new one. However, I got inspired to try to fix it myself. Now I know nothing about heating or air conditioning products. But after doing some research on the internet at several websites, finding out more information about heating and cooling, it lead me to the inner workings of today’s portable space heaters. The space heaters of today are quite detailed compared to the portable space heaters of the old days. And by reading all of this stuff on portable space heaters it gave me a small hint of what may be wrong with my portable space heater and how I could end up maybe fixing it on my own. So I went and tried some things out. I mean, the portable space heater was already broken so if I broke it some more messing with it who would care and what would it matter? I’d still need to buy a new one anyway. But I got lucky and actually fixed my portable space heater! I could not believe it seriously! And it was not that hard to do. I actually fixed the portable space heater in less than 14 minutes. That was the real crazy thing about all of this. Am I handyman of the year or do I just have a knack for heating and air conditioning repair and never knew it? Who knows!



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