My ex-coworker became a real estate agent after she got laid off

I toil for a company that builds modern homes here in city plus it is a single of the biggest local dealers around, prior to the pandemic, both of us had close to 500 employees working for us, however unluckyly, both of us had to furlough a few of them plus some were laid off until further notice, and my coworker Danielle, who was a Project Manager, got laid off while both of us were in the sixth round of cuts… I was devastated to see her go because she was our supper associate plus I consider her a friend… Well, a couple of weeks later Danielle found a task at a local Estimating firm, plus she seemed to love it there, however unluckyly, that did not last for long before she was let go because of cuts due to the pandemic. With no source of income Danielle had to figure something out because she has a child to support! She came across an ad for a real estate agent plus she did not hesitate to answer it. She began classes plus took her exam plus within 4 weeks she had her license. She sent me her company card plus I am so proud of her. She seems enthusiastic about becoming a real estate agent plus has gave her services to me. She is a selling agent plus said if I ever need to buy a modern home that she can walk me through the entire process, and currently, I am living at modern home with our parents to save some currency, however when I do decide to buy our modern home in a single year, I will seek Danielle’s assistance plus I hope by then she will be a successful real estate agent.