My partner found my attempt to cook amusing when the people I was with and I first met

My partner actually laughed at me when the people I was with and I were first dating & I attempted to make her a meal… Here I was trying to impress somebody who was a skilled cook with a packaged supper.

It was just some special supper kit from the store, but it was a meal that was relatively easy for me to make, & I thought it was nice personally.

That was before my partner showed me what real cooking is all about. She happens to be Italian & she has had numerous family recipes passed down over the years. She makes some of the most delicious lasagne suppers, spaghetti, steak, & her chicken suppers are to die for. After having a taste of her cooking, I knew there was no way I would ever let her go. The fact that she is appealing is also a big plus. It was difficult in the start where the people I was with and I lived in an lake house with lousy air quality & hardly any a/c. All of us had to rely on a little window AC unit & there were not actually multiple windows in our apartment. Eventually, the people I was with and I moved into a rental house, & the property owner was much better. She actually sent common Heating & Air Conditioning experts to the house twice per year to make sure the temperature control system was in nice condition. All of us actually purchased a portable whole-house air purifier which improved the air quality, especially in the kitchen environment. Even the property owner asked us how the people I was with and I improved the air quality, & the people I was with and I said it was because the people I was with and I used HEPA air filters & our trusty portable whole-house air purifier. She ended up installing a UV whole-house air purifier after that & some of the happiest years of our lives were spent in that house.


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