No one at the HVAC company was picking up the phone

Winter means lots of baking in our house. My aunt is a wizard when it comes to treats to keep people’s spirits up when it is freezing outside. Byt the end of fall, she has all her orders in and begins preparing the treats throughout until the holidays are over. Last winter, she invited me to come and be her assistant because she knew I have a passion for pastries. We’d start baking as early as 3 am so that the orders go out early. It was my cousin’s job to do the deliveries since he was part owner of the business. One morning, we woke up as usual to start work in the kitchen, but the house was frigid. It seemed at some point during the night the heating system had stopped working. No amount of coercion would get it heating the house again so we had to find a solution. My aunt went to the phone to call a HVAC company nearby. She told me they handled emergency HVAC repairs, but I was skeptical anyone would be on call on such a cold morning. I had been right since no one at the HVAC company was picking up the phone. Instead, my aunt had to leave a message and someone got back to us at about 7 am. By this time we were using some space heaters to keep the kitchen warm as we worked. My aunt booked an AC expert to come by and fix the heating system in the afternoon. It was the next available slot. That wasn’t so bad since the unit would be fixed the same day and my aunt didn’t have to pay extra for emergency repair.

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