One of my cousins brought a new game that he created

I’ve always been pretty close with my cousins.

It’s always cool when we meet at family reunions, but we like to hang out too.

Sometimes we’ll all go out to enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant with proper temperature control settings. We all agree that having comfortable temperature control in any environment is important so that you can have a good time. Well, recently they were talking about having a game night and of course I was down. They all wanted to meet at my house too because everybody loves my fireplace. I didn’t even tell everybody about the new radiant heated floors that I had installed, I thought I would let that be a surprise. They all couldn’t believe the comfort in the place with the radiant heating energy slowly coming up from the floors, it was like heaven in my home. We all hung out around the fireplace and my one cousin Teddy had a new game for us to play. The interesting thing is that this game was one that he came up with on his own. He made the cards, the rules, the whole game, it was all his doing. It took a minute to get used to the rules, but it turned out to be a fairly exciting game and we all had fun playing it. I hope he can make his game mainstream and get it on the market so others can enjoy it. In the meantime, I plan to enjoy playing this game with my cousins much more often in the future with perfect temperature control settings of course!



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