Some excellent energy saving tips from my friends

When I was hanging out with my friends, I was telling everybody how I could easily use some energy saving help.

My friends asked if my bills were too expensive, which they were.

One friend was telling me that he was able to get good energy saving tips from his local HVAC dealer. He said usually the same HVAC expert came out to work on his HVAC and the energy saving tips were especially useful. He told me about cooking on the grill more often in the summertime so as to not overheat the house and cause the cooling method to work harder. Another way to not overheat the inside of the home was to use devices for cooking like microwaves and indoor grills like the George Foreman variety, and I couldn’t believe it, I never thought of doing anything like that and I was already taking notes on my phone so I wouldn’t forget some of these useful energy saving tips. My friend said if I wanted more energy saving help, I should really consider calling up the local HVAC company that he uses. So I did just that and I learned so much. I learned that I could save a ton of money by just switching to a smart thermostat unit. I never realized that a thermostat could make such a difference in energy savings, however I’m saving around 15% on the monthly bills just from that. I also learned how important it is to keep up with air duct cleaning and official HVAC service. It’s also good to use quality air filters for improved air quality. Ultimately, this also protects the HVAC and allows it to operate more efficiently.


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