The cooling expert who lived in our neighborhood was the best

There was this cooling expert who lived in our neighborhood.

He would put flyers at people’s doorsteps and show his great rates and services.

We had him work on our cooling system and he did such a phenomenal job that we recommended him to everybody we knew on social media. He ended up picking up the business he needed. He was able to save up enough money to get back into school to become an HVAC engineer. It was a shame when he went back to school though because we could no longer secure his services. We were happy for the man, but we had to go back through a local HVAC company where the HVAC expert wasn’t nearly as good as that cooling expert was. Still, we know it’s good because he’ll be using his knowledge to come up with more efficient designs for cooling systems down the road. I hope he works on better heating systems as well. The more energy efficient these modern HVAC systems can be, the better. And I really do hope they put a stronger focus on HVAC systems that do not pollute the environment like geothermal HVAC systems. It would also be nice to see excellent HVAC systems like that which are more affordable for the average homeowner. I think that would help more people get into greener HVAC technology in the future, better prices, but I’m not sure if it’s possible or not. I hope that young man has a successful career though and I hope that we can find another HVAC professional around these parts who does good work like that young man does.


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