The first item of business was to look into a cooling install

When we bought our home, one of the first items of business apart from cleaning up the place and making sure everything was sterilized, was to look into a cooling install.

Seriously, I was on the phone with some local HVAC companies the first day we moved in so I could get an idea of who had the best prices.

We were in the spring season, so it was essential to get a good cooling system and I knew the one we had, especially after some inspections, was basically on its way out. I didn’t even want to have to use the cooling system in the house, but we did get to subtract the cost for a good cooling system from the cost of the house, which definitely made everything worth it. My wife was saying we should go for the cheapest quote. At first, I thought that was a reasonable move, but the cheapest HVAC professional had a bit of an attitude and he seemed impatient like he couldn’t wait to leave our house. I had a bad feeling and then I had the idea to check their reviews. I actually checked all the reviews of the local companies after that. The reviews from the lowest costing company were extremely bad. People were literally warning others to avoid this company if they wanted to keep their sanity. Well, that was too many red flags and my wife also agreed with that fact. We went with the company that had fine reviews even though there were less of them. It was a family owned business and the people were genuinely nice. You also could tell they knew what they were talking about.

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