The storage facility had excellent indoor air

When my wife and I were planning on moving, we decided to put a bunch of our stuff in storage.

Because we had delicate items like paintings and baseball card collections, we decided we needed a storage facility that had great climate control.

We wanted a venue that had a dehumidifier in the storage facility and the appropriate temperature control settings. This not only made it comfortable to put our things into the storage facility, however it made sure that our possessions were certainly protected. We were able to move the bulk of our things to our home with no problems, however we had to be extra careful with our items that were pricey! I was surprised that this storage facility wasn’t more expensive because of the excellent climate control method they had. They even had a UV air purification system working so when you went into the venue, the air quality was certainly nice. I was telling the owner of the storage facility that it was nice that they had a location that offered everything that was needed to keep delicate items in great condition, especially collectables and art! I hope that down the road, we won’t need to use another storage facility, however if we have to find another one, we are certainly going to try to find a place that has such amazing climate control! Most places don’t even have dehumidifiers or air purification systems hooked up. They are basically just hot facilities and if you were hoping to store your collectables, they would be ruined!


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