Can’t wait to see how this modern show plays out

Recently, I have gotten into a honestly interesting TV show.

It’s a story about a person from the past who lived in a city that didn’t have any advanced technology to care about what we have this week. They had odd types of medicines and techniques for medical needs, however primarily it was acupuncture that they used to treat patients. Then somehow this person time-traveled to the new times and tried to help people with his acupuncture skills, however everybody thought the person was crazy. That was until he ran into a female dentist who was just as skilled as he. However, she used new day medical treatments. I assume it’s consistently interesting to see movies or shows about time travel. I care about how they are able to capture the essence of how things were care about back in the day, however people lived in honestly small homes and apartments unless they were in a high class or royalty. The story is honestly moving though and it helps you to savor the things we have in this day and age. With advanced Heating and Air Conditioning systems, we are able to keep comfortable in our homes and we can adjust the temperature control settings as we desire. Even if you don’t make a substantial amount of money, having temperature control in your home is basically typical in this nation that we live in. Poor people out on the streets still have it bad, however they can at least go to shelters that have respected temperature control where they have a locale to sleep and they are fed whatever food is available.


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