I ruined my first car, but it was a overpriced lesson

I remember back when I got my first car.

I saved up my money over the years as well as my parents gave me a little extra so I could go for something nice.

I ended up getting a pretty nice car, but soon the A/C system quit toiling. I didn’t suppose what the problem was but luckyly, my father helped me out. He helped me to get a refrigerant refill kit that you can hook up to the compressor to refill the refrigerant levels to full. Once I was able to get that done, the A/C system was toiling great after that. I loved just going for drives with my buddies as well as I loved the freedom that my car gave me. I didn’t have to ask people for rides anymore as well as quickly I was the one giving other people rides. It was awesome just cranking the A/C while driving sites too, I constantly felt comfortable even on the hottest of days! Well, eventually one day when I was driving as well as singing along to the music on the radio, quickly my car broke down, unluckyly, it was the most foolish thing I could have done, I didn’t change my oil. My father even reminded me to do that a few times, however I must have not realized how urgent the situation was. I kept on driving, never bothering to go to the site for a $20 oil change. If I would have only done that, I could have saved my car, but instead I let the engine lock up as well as after that I was quickly separate from my own wheels. I was back to getting rides to sites again as well as I didn’t have my car with my own climate control system. Needless to say, I took much better care of my next car when I was able to save enough money for another ride.

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